Rules And Regulations

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Rules And Regulations

Post by .MS. on Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:26 pm

[b]Must Read Rules Before Applying. For Applying Use The Form And Apply in The Correct Section / Node.
Following are the rules for the staff team:-
1. Abusing will cause in kicking/banning from the community.
2. Do not ask for promotions/accesses.
3. Do not abuse your powers. Use them if needed.
4. Respect your staff.
5. Your act of talking should be positive and Co operative.
6. Don't abuse anyone.
7. Don't bring a personal matter into community matter.
8. Don't approve any unrelated post in group. Approve if it's related to cs and gaming. Don't approve any abusive post.
9. Any kind of Spamming is not allowed, so avoid it please.

[b]If we found anyone breaking or not following the rules, he/she will be kicked out from staff and will never be able to join the staff team again.

[b]*** Rules Of [PZ] Community***

The Following Are Some Rules Regarding [PZ] Community Best servers...I Hope You all will Follow Rules, Co-operate & Help us to Make This Community Disciplined and the Best in World!


Give Respect so the Others will Respect You.

Hacks,Abuse,Spam,Provoking,Advertising Is Strictly Prohibited in all Servers..Hacks will not make you Pro hacks only produc noobs.

Ts Are Not Allowed to Camp Before Plant, Cts are Not Allowed To Camp After Plant.

If You Want Admin-ship In [PZ] Community Public Server Or [PZ] Others Server [PZ] AFK / Clan-war Server   Your Rank Should be Under 50 On Game-tracker Once you Achieve Rank Under 50 You're Applicable to Apply Admin-ship in
After short Test of Commands you will Get Admin-ship (15+ Only).

For Clan War Adminships Join our Ts3 : Coming SooN^and contact ts3 manager for your clan channel & powers..Inactive clans will be removed.

After 1am at Night [PZ] Community Public & [PZ] Community Classic Server's Map Should be Only DD2 No other Map.

In [PZ] Community Public Server & [PZ] Community Classic Server Map Should be Change After 50 Rounds Each Team Play For DD2 & 25 Rounds per Team for Other Maps.


All Admins Should be Active in Servers & [PZ] Community Group Otherwise Their admin access will be revoked!

If someone Camp in Base First warn then Slap/Slay Nd then Kick from Server..Keep Monitering Server to Slay/kick afks/Base Campers.

If Someone Abuse Use Gag Option instead of Arguing with Him.

If Any one is Suspicious for using hacks Spec him for 2 Or More Rounds If you Found his/her Hack transfer Him/her to Spec and Ask Scan..Give 3 Rounds time limit for scan..Whoever avoid scan Ban him permanently & tell to Post demo in PZ Group.

All Admins are not Allowed to Use White Chat Only Use For Warnings!

In [PZ] Community Public Server & [PZ] Community Classic Server Map Should be Change After 50 Rounds One Team Wins For DD2 & 25 Rounds One Team for Other Maps & Always do Vote-maps!

All Players & Admins Respect Each Other..Don't take Counter Strike as Street Fighter Smile

NOTE: If Any Member see Admin In Server or Ts3 Is Breaking Rules...Simple Take ss Of His Bad Acts & Don't Forget To Copy His Steam Info By Typing "Status" In Console Then Post in Group Or Pm

Sheikh Rajeel
[S]aQii Th3 KinG~
Mustafa Mianoor
Saleem Kolhoro
Shamu Rajput
Heisen Berg


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